Industrias Vilaregut is dedicated to the  injection of thermoplastic.

Our facilities are located in Castellar del Valles,  at 30 km far from Barcelona.

Our process begins with the design and definition of the piece, followed of the construction of the mould, the injection in the wished materials and the decoration in a  wide range of possibilities.

For more than 40 years, ideas and technology have been combined to give like result a product that responds to the immediate necessities of the market as far as quality and range.

Where we are...


All of our facilities, human equipment and experience, are at the disposal of our customers, to reach any idea or project that they may wish.

Inform us about your necessities so that we can study and share them.

We are kind to the necessities that are generated with the progress , reason why can investigate and be equipped with the necessary thing to take care of any innovating request with respect to the present processes.

Our seriousness and professional attitude in the dealing with the clients, the agility in the deliveries and resolution of the problems, as well as our availability to always offer the best service and advising, is guaranteed by our experience in the sector and the confidence deposited by our customers.

The articles are thought to satisfy the diversified demand of the different world-wide markets.

The export department simplifies the communication and the expeditions to obtain that the client has a better service  than in his own country and feel permanently informed about the situation of their orders and our new novelties.